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Shipping Information

How do I ship my milk to you?

Breast milk is best shipped double bagged in breast milk storage bags or in a bottle/snappy that is placed in a bag in a padded envelope. You can use zippering lunch bags as breast milk does not need to be shipped on ice or any other special way.  Please write your name and order number on the out side of the most out side bag.  (quart size of smaller greatly appreciated) 

Just let the post office know you are shipping liquid. Breast milk will not go overly rancid over a few day period.  It's obviously not good for a baby to drink but still works great for making it into a milk bead.  First class mail is fine no need to pay to rush your milk to me.

This is the last of my milk/hair/placenta/umbilical cord, anything special I should do?

If this is special milk/hair etc. I would recommend you want to ship priority mail as the post office will take better care than first class mail and tracking and $50 insurance is included.   

Do not send signature required Please 

Shipping Your Milk:

***Be sure to write your name and order number on the most outside bag your milk is in, and any other inclusions should be in a different bag also with your order number on it,  and please add your order number by the return address on your package.  Do not send signature required.  ** 

Address will be sent in a link on your invoice ( Non PayPal Invoice) 

How will I know when you've received my milk?

I usually suggest tracking your package as it's on the way to me,  I will update your order status to “Inclusions Received” when I have checked in your order and started working with it. This might be up to 3 weeks after I receive your milk so don’t worry if you don’t get a status change the day it gets delivered.

Order Status

“Inclusions Needed”
I have not received your milk or have not checked it in yet. Please give up to 3 weeks after I receive your order to update your order status.

“Inclusions Received”
I will update your order status to “Inclusions Received” when I have checked in your order and started working with it. This might be up to 3 weeks after I receive your milk so don’t worry if you don’t get a status change the day it gets delivered.

“Existing Inclusions”
This is set when using Inclusions that are already at Precious Milk Drops. 

I will update to “Complete” when your order is finished and waiting on drying. Before shipping out you should get a shipping confirmation with tracking within the next few days.

My order shipped but my tracking number isn't showing up yet. Is this normal?

Sometimes I print your shipping labels and send your shipment notification a few days before your order will go out. You can be sure that if your label was printed that your order will be going out within a few days time. The resin has to be completely cured before I package it up before shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my order?

Due to Coronavirus Some of my suppliers are under stay at home orders are are not currently shipping I can not guarantee any turnaround times for the tiem being some weill be shipping out still please join our facebook group for the most up todate info on settings avalability.   Link to the closed facebook group www.PreciousSneakpeeks.com

The time it will take to get your item or items really depends on a few factors, including the amount of customers that there are ahead of you. I don't make items in the order they were placed, but rather in the order that I receive the breast milk or other materials as some people take longer to send this in than others. It takes, current non rushed orders are 14-24 weeks from when we receive your breast milk or materials but turn around time window. Depending on the complexity of the order, the amount of orders I have ahead of you when I receive your milk and the materials needed. Gold and custom orders I don't stock so these are purchased after your order is placed. 

If you order items that don't use breast milk, it takes, on average, between 10 and 14 weeks from when I receive materials. If you order items together where one calls for breast milk and one doesn't, both will be shipped together, which may take longer. If you purchase custom orders, these can take longer as well since I have to order certain pieces.

Why doesn't the turnaround time begin when I place an order?

The most fair way is to add people to my queue in the order that I receive materials. There are some women who send in their breast milk as soon as they place an order, but there are other people who wait to do so. The only way to be fair to everyone is to complete orders in the same order in which the materials were received.

How soon do I need to send my milk and other materials in? 
Please send in your milk and other items within 120 from when you place an order. This timeframe is to make sure that the design you want is still available. Please reach out to me if it's been longer than 120 days since you placed your order and you haven't received your items to make sure there were no issues.

How much milk do you need?

I need approximately .5 oz milk or 15 ml for an item and .5 oz for each extra item you order that contains milk (up to 3 locket beads are 1 item). If you order a locket that is solid milk or a Tree of Life bezel and solid milk rings , I need 1 oz to make each.

Some items can be completed with as little as .25 oz of milk. If you have supply issues, please contact me and depending on your design, I can let you know the smallest amount you can send. Please contact me at PreciousMilkDrops@gmail.com

If you are sending items other than milk, please make sure you put it in a bag other than the one the milk is in so if the milk leaks it will not get on the hair or other items.

I have high lipase levels. Can you still use my milk?

Yes! This will not affect the jewelry.

Can I use frozen milk?  

Yes! Frozen milk works just as well as fresh milk. It is important that you thaw the milk before you send it. This is to make sure that the envelope isn't damaged. It's less likely to leak if it's thawed when it gets to the post office.

Can I use breast milk than has been frozen for longer than a year? 

Yes. The amount of time that the milk has been frozen doesn't change my process. I've worked with breast milk as old as 10 years. There was no difference. Thejewelry turned out just as beautiful as jewelry made using freshly pumped milk.  

How much hair do you need?

***All extra Hair will be returned with finished order. ***

For a ring, I will need about 20 strands of 1/2 inch hair. For the Charm beads, I need 20 strands that are 1 inch or 40 strands if they are shorter. This is so I can make sure the bead has hair all the way around. I can work with less, but the hair may not be able to reach all the way around the bead.

How much placenta do you need?

The placenta must be dried and/or encapsulated. If the placenta is encapsulated, I only need one placenta pill. Just one pill can make up to 3 items, a little goes along way!

 How much umbilical cord do you need?

***All extra umbilical cord will be returned with finished order. ***

I normally use about ½ the baby numb umbilical cord. Please ship the umbilical cord in a labeled bag.  Due to the fact that if it were to get lost in the mail it cannot be replaced, I would highly recommend you ship priority mail. This way you will have a tracking number and can purchase insurance.

How much Ash is need?

***All extra will be returned with finished order. ***

I  use about ½ teaspoon. Please ship in a labeled bag. Due to the fact that if it were to get lost in the mail it cannot be replaced, I would highly recommend you ship priority mail. This way you will have a tracking number and can purchase insurance.

Most items on my website can be made with ashes, if that's something you're interested in.  I do not have it set up for all products, but almost every piece can be made with ashes only or with ashes and milk together.  Please Facebook message or email me at PreciousMilkDrops@gmail.com as I like to talk though all ash orders as Custom orders. 


There is a 60 warranty from defects on setting that hold your inclusion stone, this is not a warranty from damage caused by wear, but actually  defects in the settings. The stones themselves are waranty that the milk will not go bad and turn brow/black as the milk has been preserved.  I keep extra  preserved milk on file for 5 years after reciving the milk for processing. 

Payment Plans 

The settings will not be ordered until the payment plan is 75% or more paid off and inclusions has been recived. Payment plans are expected to be paid off within 4 months.  Please contact me by  email PreciousMilkDrops@gnail.com if you think it will be longer than that to make all the payments.

*** Disclaimer on long payment plans *** If plan is not paid off within 90 days and the cost of a setting may change, silver/gold changes there may be an adjustment in the final price of your ring, (gold has not had a major change in years but this is a disclaimer to cover myself in case it does as I don’t know the future) Precious Milk Drops cannot be held responsible if supplier discontinues the ring before it is able to be purchased. A refund or credit towards a new order will be offered in that case.

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